Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All It Takes is a Little Research to Win the Lottery

Photo by Elisanett Martinez

Richard Lustig has won the grand prize of the Florida Lottery, seven times, since he began playing 22 years ago. Now he’s selling a guide of tips and tricks for winning the jackpot that anyone, even college students, can cash in on.

“Scratch tickets are the hardest to win, because you have no way of knowing one of the printed winning tickets will end up in Orlando,” he said.

The Florida Lottery website lists information for the different scratch-offs and how many winners are left to be chosen for each game. By developing his method and understanding his chances of winning individual games, he says he wins every day now.

Jason in Kansas City, Mo. won $10,000 with Lustig’s advice and his own daughter and her husband have even won this way. Lustig himself has won seven grand prizes, totaling over $1 million.

Lustig started playing the lottery two weeks after the birth of his son, Nick, in 1988. “I know it was a relief from the medical bills,” Nick said.

He used to consider playing the lotto his part-time job. On the side he played the drums in 60s and 70s rocks acts, traveling around the country while he and his wife ran the national booking agency, Lustig Talent. Now he does what he loves for a living - and that is to play the game.

At a signing for his new book at the Public Libary, downtown, he gave advice newcomers and seasoned veterans of the Florida Lottery. He said to “pick which games you want to play and stick with them,” when you’re just starting out. Lustig also suggested reinvesting ⅓ of the winnings into playing the lottery again, after you’ve played around with the rest of the money, of course.

“What’s the point in having money, if you can’t enjoy it?” he said.

He only recently found out that his friend George, owner of the liquor store Knightly Spirits, sold lottery tickets. Now he goes nowhere else for his morning buy.

“He [George] said, ‘we were getting ready to get rid of the lotto, because it wasn’t doing very good,’ now I’m practically paying his rent, because with the tickets I buy and the winnings I cash in, and now there’s more and more people who have started buying their tickets there.”

“People like success, they want to get on board,” he said.

Special to our readers, the first 10 people to go to the website, and purchase his book will get a free gift - if you mention “Valencia Voice.”

Lustig: “I don’t care if it’s a broke college kid or a senior citizen on social security, don’t spend money you can’t afford. Don’t spend grocery money. Because what happens is people get carried away with this, too and put themselves in debt.”

“But you win at it, if you play smartly.”

Previously published in the Valencia Voice

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