Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rogers and Hammerstein’s “Carousel” Brings the Past to Life

Through a special arrangement with R&H theatricals, the Valencia Character Company performed the musical play, “Carousel,” Saturday night.

“Carousel” is a play based on Ferenc Molnar’s “Lilliom,” surrounding the lives of an everyday mill worker who falls for an every day fair barker. In this case, Julie Jordan (Beatrice Roberts) and Billy Bigelow (Paul Hambidge) suck all of their friends and family into this swirling escapade of drama, sacrifice, labor and love.

“It was really hard to say to her [Julie,] ‘you’re better off,’ after Billy died,” actress Karyln Koebe who played Julie’s friend, Carrie, in the play. “How can you even say that to a person?” she said.

This was the fourth production that Roberts has made an appearance in and Koebe’s tenth or fifteenth.

“I liked that they did a very classical musical,” said Seth Lindsey, a Valencia student who is directing a show next week at Breaththrough Theater.

He said he was anxious to see how the appearance of the stage turned out. “The set makes me happy, I had seen it in pieces and parts, but never in its entirety and it makes me very happy,” said Lindsey.

University of Florida student, Deborah Christopher, attended the showing to support her twin sister Dorothy who played Arminy.

“She was really excited to be in the show,” Christopher said, “She just rehearsed for fun.”

The troupe sang, danced, and acted according to how people must have lived on Coney Island during the early plantation days of America, with a few personal experiences thrown in.

“Enoch [Snow] put on a new suit and it was like he was a different person,” student Brenna Warner said after characters Mr. and Mrs. Snow settled down and started building their sardine business.

“Carousel” was directed and produced by Julia Allardice Gagne, with choreography by Lesley Brasseux-Rodgers. Tim Hanes and Alan Gerber led the orchestra.

The show will go on through the rest of the week, starting again on Oct. 28 - 31.

Photos by Amy Cuccaro

Previously published in the Valencia Voice

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