Monday, February 8, 2010

The Campus Crusade for Christ

ORLANDO, Fla. - A little known group of students and staff members gather around for weekly meetings for the Campus Crusade for Christ, every Tuesday.

On the afternoon of Feb. 2, 20 students attended the 1 p.m. showing of "Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution."

Dr. Jobe Martin, the key speaker throughout the film, said, "There is no way a slow, graduated process could produce this little bug." He is referring to the evolution of the African Bombardier Beetle.

The film questions the validity in choosing to believe only in the idea of creationism or the theory of evolution. In putting his own perspective into the film, Dr. Jobe Martin is saying that animals can't develop certain parts of their bodies, over time, because they would need those defense mechanisms and eating tools to survive in the first place. "You can't evolve, if you're dead," Martin said.

To begin the afternoon, student Michael Levins sang "How He Loves" and "Amazing Grace," all while playing his electronic piano. By the end of the second verse of the first song, an eclectic string of different tonalities came together to form an impromptu chorus of young voices. A few students were even swaying to the music.

When asked about the driving force behind Levins' performance, he said, "God has just blessed me with these talents and I must respect them."

Larry Nieboer, the head representative for the group, gave his own perspective on the group as a whole: "Campus Crusade is made up of different denominations. We believe that the bible is God's unchanged word. That's what unites us. We're not tied to any one denomination."

The Campus Crusade for Christ began in 1992 on the West campus of Valencia. Members now hold weekly bible studies, service projects, and club socials such as trips to the Holy Land Experience, Downtown Disney, and Universal Boardwalk. There are currently over 150 countries in the world that have colleges and universities where the Campus Crusade for Christ is thriving and growing.

Anna Gabriel said she goes "for fellowship," and "To support and to encourage other believers."

Next week, Nieboer will lead a lecture focusing on the teachings of the Bible and hold a discussion group. There may even be a little music to listen to, as well.

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